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Supporting St. Thomas – A Family Affair

Supporting St. Thomas – A Family Affair
Laura Langer has her father Joe’s twinkling eyes, his penchant for travel, his passion for learning and, above all, his love of philanthropy!

Both have included the University of St. Thomas in their estate plans. Laura credits her choice to include St. Thomas in her will to her parents’ “give back” mentality “to honor the institutions and organizations that have given to me.”

Laura, a 1985 alumna of the MBA program, was impressed with how the school continues to reach out to its alumni. She credits the faculty members who had the desire to make the program relevant and timely-designed to complement her experiences in business. Her defining moment came when she realized that mastering a financial statement gave her a unique window into how a business operates. She transferred that knowledge to her work and, as a result, became a much more strategic thinker.

Laura is a member of The Selim Center for Learning in Later Years advisory board. She has given her gift to support the center’s endowment as a sign of support for the programs that promote an active mind for a lifetime. “This center, celebrating its 40th year, is all about continual learning and investing in yourself. My gift will help ensure the success of its programs for generations to come.”

Joe Langer came to the “big city” from a small town in Michigan. He discovered St. Thomas to be warm and welcoming, with superior facilities. “I just found a happiness here.” Joe shared that one of his defining moments was at an annual St. Thomas Christmas Luncheon. “There was such a groundswell of pride at being a Tommie. And I feel it every single time I go back.” A lifetime lover of music, Joe decided to give his gift to the Music Department to help showcase its superior curriculum.

Joe’s confidence in Dr. Sullivan is evident as he beams, “UST is a first-class institution of learning. I’m comfortable with the long-range plan and happy to invest in such a successful organization that is going places.” Joe’s philosophy embodies the spirit of philanthropy that he instilled in his children. He uses one of his favorite quotes to sum up his giving: “Service to others is the rent you pay for living on earth.”